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Microsoft pushes out a new update for its Store app for Windows 10 Mobile and PC. The app has been updated to new version 11712.1000.109.0The latest Store app update is available for all Windows 10 PC and Mobile users enrolled in Insider Rings.

With the latest Store update, Microsoft has now added back the Acrylic effect to the hamburger menu and a subtle reveal effect. The Acrylic effect was removed by the company in the previous version due to the app getting slowed down and effecting the performance of the application.

Along with the Fluent Design the company has now removed the Music section completely on all of its contents. This is due to the company having already confirmed the abandonment of Groove Music.

You will now see a new option “Write a review” at the top next to the rating stars making it easy for users to review the app along with giving a rating to the application. With the Review option now added next to the star rating, it makes it easy for users to avoid scrolling down the screen to review the app.

There are also some improvements made to the Review page in the Store app with the latest update. The performance of the Store app has improved considerable in spite of the addition of the Fluent Design and is now lot fluid and responsive than earlier when the company had to remove the Acrylic effect since it effected the performance of the application.

As reported above this update is available for all users enrolled in Insider Rings and after successful testing will be pushed out to all Windows 10 users on PC and Mobile in the coming weeks.

You can get the latest Store app update which is currently live in the Store and alternatively can be downloaded by clicking this Store link. 

  • WPJ

    I simply don’t get it. They’re abandoning the platform, all right. What’s the point of meddling with insignificant features such as transparency on menus? Are they using WP as a testbed for visual mockups for whatever comes next? Otherwise it makes no sense.

    • Francie

      the phone os is supported on 5 phones to 2020

      • Rahul

        I hope you cant be that naive to believe that!!!

    • Francie

      HP ELITE X3

    • M Rankin

      While yes also uwp so all of this can be seen on pc.
      With the Music pass ending Microsoft has is going to stop selling music in store. It will be replaced my a,Microsoft store tab

      • WPJ

        That’s a whole new level of language there.

        • M Rankin

          i try