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As part of its effort to make the Settings app the one destination for settings in Windows 10, Microsoft is moving the Disk Cleanup to the Settings app from the Control Panel. Windows 10 Build 17063 comes with one important change where Microsoft has moved the Disk Cleanup options to the Settings app.

The next Windows 10 update will bring Disk Cleanup controls in the Settings app. Disk Cleanup in Windows allows the system to free up disk space on a hard drive. The tool basically searches and analyzes the hard drive for files that are no longer of any use, and allows users to remove them.

The migration of settings from the Control Panel to the Windows 10’s Settings app is not a new thing, as a while ago Microsoft announced that the company will try to transfer items from the Control Panel to the new Settings app with every Windows 10 update.

Windows 10 Redstone 4 will bring several changes in regards to the migration of items from the Control Panel to the Settings app. It appears that Microsoft needs more time before removing the old Control Panel.

Microsoft recently moved the Startup apps control from the Control Panel to the Settings app and at that time the company said “List of apps that are configured to run at startup or user log-in is currently maintained via the Startup tab in Task Manager. As part of our ongoing effort to consolidate our settings experience, now you can configure them in Settings.”

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