While the Surface Phone is nowhere to be seen, Microsoft is already testing a mobile device with the foldable body and some interesting features. Earlier this week, we learned that Microsoft’s Andromeda is a foldable mobile device and it won’t be the long-rumoured Surface Phone, as the original idea of the mythical mobile device has been cancelled. Ever since the rumours of an Andromeda foldable tablet with holographic display appeared online, we’ve also started to notice that Microsoft is already testing similar technologies for mobile or tablet devices.

One of the interesting features is the holographic display on one of Andromeda’s two screens, the Andromeda could be the first mobile device with such features as we’re still waiting for RED. Best known for developing Microsoft’s Mixed Reality platform, Alex Kipman is also working on the unique display for the Andromeda.

Microsoft has now patented a new design for mobile-type devices where the device would feature the floating displays. The technology is quite interesting as it is capable of projecting a floating image (holograms), apparently, the floating display/image won’t be connected with the display. The patent also describes a technology that uses micro-lenses to project image above the surface of device’s display.

Andromeda’s foldable display might a single image, unlike the so-called foldable ZTE Axon M device. The sources also claim that Microsoft is already developing dual-screen UWP apps internally for the foldable Andromeda mobile device.

While Andromeda sounds interesting, it is apparently not the Surface Phone, everyone has been waiting for. The Andromeda is sort of a Pocket-PC with phone functionality but it won’t be a simple smartphone, it is basically a device Satya Nadella has previously hinted in his interviews where he has discussed about innovating new categories.

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      • Adib Afiq

        Because it is…..im a windows phone user too….im still using my old 640 xl…..but now windows truly is dead…..i wont be suprise if they release a new one….but if they added billions of apps i would be very suprise!!!

        • Shivang

          Lol. This is not a Windows Phone device. This will run full Windows as from your PC on your device and it will be known as Windows Core OS / Andromeda OS. It will not work on normal Windows Phones and this will be their first device. Also, this is not meant for consumers but for enterprises and companies. I also own a Lumia 630 DS and it is running the latest Windows 10 Mobile build of the Lumia 950 XL. But, this OS will be different from our Windows Mobile/Phone.

          • I’d like to ask everyone… what is the difference between a smart phone and a small, mobile computer with telephony features. I seems we are being taught there’s a difference and I don’t see it. They are the exact same thing just explained with different words! Please give me something that differentiates those 2 concepts.

          • YeahRrright

            Mobile computer with telephony features can run win32 apps, cause it is everyone’s dream to run full Photoshop on a small screen and control it by finger. PRODUCTIVITY

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      Ur look is the pure shit

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        Ur look is the purest shit than me…..

  • Gary

    So now developers not only have to adapt to UWP, but also make it into dual screen? Lol

    • Harry

      That’s the question isn’t it. Developer ambivalence helped to destroy WM. They have been terribly slow in UWP adoption as well.

      Unless MS can encourage them to fully embrace UWP then the success of a Surface Phone is questionable.

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      Developers, what developers?

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    Andromeda, Surface Phone, pocket pc, Surface mini, whatever the name, i want it

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    I’d consider a surface phone