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A Microsoft engineer ditched Edge for Chrome during his Azure presentation as Microsoft Edge froze during the presentation. It is, of course, hilarious but the engineer has had no other options to save his live presentation. The presentation explains the process of migrating the applications, data, and workloads to Microsoft Azure, the presentation has been uploaded to YouTube, revealing exactly happened that led to the hilarious moment.

Blunders do happen, just recently one such blunder happened with Microsoft’s engineer when the company’s Edge browser froze and the employee ultimately installed Google Chrome, the engineer was quick enough to install the Chrome browser and saved his presentation.

“And we’re not going to help make Google bettah”

“I love it when demos break. So while we’re talking here, I’m gonna go install Chrome,” he said. He later started laughing while the audience was cheering, the embarrassing moment actually turned into a really hilarious moment.

Furthermore, he unchecked the “Automatically send usage statistics and crash reports to Google” box to joke about his blunder, “And we’re going to not make Google better,” he said.

“We’re going to do this again, I’m sorry about this. The age of these machines are [sic] wacked down a little bit, there are some things that just don’t work,” he said. Do you think it would have been less embarrassing if he had installed Firefox or any other browser instead of Chrome?

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