Full Windows 10 OS on Mobile
Image Courtesy: Recombu.com

Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc and Jason Howard recently confirmed that Windows 10 Mobile Insider Program will continue and the new builds will still be released for the operating system. New builds for Windows 10 Mobile will include minor bug fixes and it will be from the same feature2 branch.

Last week, Microsoft resumed the Windows Insider program for Windows 10 PCs and released a new build from the Redstone 4 branch. Now it appears that a new build for Windows 10 Mobile could be released later this week. As reported by BuildFeed, Microsoft has finally compiled Windows 10 Mobile Build 15400 and again it is from the feature2 branch.

Joe Belfiore, the Corporate Vice President in the Operating Systems Group at Microsoft recently revealed that Windows 10 Mobile is no longer the company’s focus, meaning that Microsoft won’t release new features or hardware for the operating system.

“Of course we’ll continue to support the platform.. bug fixes, security updates, etc. But building new features/hw aren’t the focus,” Belfiore tweeted.

Microsoft tried to push its Windows Phone platform but nothing worked in the company’s focus. Microsoft is, however, going to support the platform until the end of 2019 with security fixes and minor improvements. Moving forward the new builds for Windows 10 Mobile will be only released to the device with Fall Creators Update.

  • Pablo HP

    But still on 15xxx branch. While Windows are on 16xxx and 17xxx

  • Carlosgzm

    Where is Windows Core OS?? When it releases I will wait for a ROM to install it on my MS L650 :D

    • Oday Al-Asalı

      I dont know if you are trolling or just a normal user who doesnt understand anything

      • Carlosgzm

        I am trolling… Well… I don’t think Windows 10 Mobile users (I am one, I use L650) will receive this version, but… A ROM would be great… (Like W10 ARM for Windows RT is being developed). But dreaming is free… :’)

        • Abuturk

          Well if you want andromeda then you gotta get the surface phone but idk if its goin to be supported then thats great cuz i have 950xl

  • sniperboy

    I wish they would fix the camera bugs that 650 users keep experiencing rather than telling us just to do a hard reset. If you can’t fix it, at least give us back the old Windows Phone camera app on the app store. It has less features but it didn’t have bugs.

    • M Rankin

      lumia camera beta for w10m user in the store but not sure if you can use with 950/xl 650 550 range

  • M Rankin

    the next build for the fall update

  • pege63

    They say that “Microsoft tried to push its Windows Phone platform but nothing worked”, Well NOT so strange when they have abandoned every phone user since WP7 era!

  • Murali Yadav G

    Its for insiders .?
    its next update after create fall update.?

    • M Rankin

      yes next fall update

  • Chrome

    Microsoft tried to push its Windows Phone platform but nothing worked in the company’s focus.

    Because this “focus” was dropping support to OS updates to previous Lumia models despite having sufficient hardware.