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Today, Microsoft announced that the Harman Kardon Invoke Cortana-powered speakers will be available on October 22. The company also revealed that the digital assistant Cortana is still gaining popularity and it is expected to gain even more users once the Harman Kardon Invoke speakers goes on sale.

Microsoft in a blog post declared that Cortana has over 148 monthly active users. In May, Microsoft announced Cortana has more than 145 million users, in just 4-5 months Cortana active user based has increased to 148 million and as Microsoft is integrating Cortana into Skype, Speakers – Cortana should witness another sharp increase in active users base in the coming months.

However, Microsoft notes that the 148 active million users include all the platform and not just Windows 10. The platforms include Windows 10, Xbox, Android, iOS and even Skype. “Microsoft has been on a long journey with Cortana, first on Windows 10 PC, then on Android and iOS, as well as embedding the Cortana experience in Skype on Xbox, spanning 148 million active users,” the company said.

Launched with Windows Phone 8.1, Cortana is now an important part of Microsoft’s ecosystem. The company is also testing a new feature in Windows 10 that uses Cortana to configure the operating system for new users.

Another feature that the Redmond giant is testing for Cortana is Collections. Cortana’s Collections feature will remind the users to add their favorites such as the book, restaurant to collections. For example, if you are a browsing a web page about an e-book, Cortana will ask the user to create a list to save the content and the list will be organized in a new section called Collections.

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