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Yesterday was a big day for all the Microsoft fans, the company rolled out the Fall Creators Update to the  general public, the Windows Mixed reality headsets were made available for purchase and the company also announced the new Surface Book 2 with Fall Creators Update.

The company also announced the availability of the new Surface Precision Mouse which is designed and crafted on the ergonomic principles making it a perfect fit for long working hours.

The Mouse offers wired and wireless connection and is paired automatically when it is connected via micro USB cable. The device can be paired with up to three PCs at the same time and works without any issues. The Mouse also comes with side grips and aluminum buttons and scroll wheel.

The Mouse is designed especially for people who are more concerned about the weight, stability and precision of the products. The Surface Precision Mouse is available for pre order in the United States and Canada starting today with a price tag of $99 USD via the Microsoft Store and Best Buy and is expected to ship on November 16.


  • KA

    Without cable?? I never had much use for one. Battery, accumulator: those thinks stop to work, at the time they exactly must work. Thank you, but NEVER. Only with cable is practicable. Other reason – mouse with battery is more heavy. Need more energy to move. Mouse w/o cable is light and work ever :-)