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It has been a year since Microsoft and Qualcomm confirmed that they are working together to bring ‘Windows 10 on ARM chip’. Microsoft recently confirmed that the Windows 10 ARM device release is on track while not all OEMs are going to unveil the Always-Connected Devices later this year.

Qualcomm also demoed a small-screen size device with Snapdragon 835 processor revealing that the performance of Windows 10 on ARM device would be impressive. At build 2017, Microsoft also demoed Windows 10 on the ARM architecture showing the capability off in the video. At that time Microsoft revealed that the devices running Windows 10 ARM will be known as “The Anywhere, Anytime PC” or the Always-Connected Devices.

The ARM chipset is mainly chosen for its battery life. As you might have noticed, the smartphones with Snapdragon processors have better battery life than Windows 10 PCs with Intel chipsets. It is one of the reasons why Microsoft has decided to give Windows on ARM another go.

Microsoft’s Pete Bernar today revealed that the Windows 10 ARM devices will get the software updates together along with all versions of Windows 10, unlike Android, meaning that when Microsoft will patch Windows 10 versions on Tuesday, on the same day the company will roll out the update to ARM devices. This ensures that the device stays up-to-date with new features, performance improvements and security updates.

Windows 10 ARM64 files will have different SKUs including separate files for Windows 10 Pro, Home, Enterprise and more. Windows 10 on ARM sounds good, however, Microsoft still has not confirmed Windows 10 ARM64 support for UWP.

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