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Windows 10 ARM is coming later this with new devices from Asus, HP and later Lenovo. Windows 10 on ARM processors is much like the Windows 10 but you will be restricted to Windows Store apps. However, it would be possible to emulate the Win32 apps. With Windows 10 on ARM, Microsoft wants to offer a longer battery life and built-in connectivity with the Always Connected devices.

As Microsoft is close to Windows 10 on ARM release, just a few days ago, Windows 10 ARM UUPs showed up on Microsoft servers and even the third-party ISOs are now available for download.

At Microsoft Community Standup, when Kevin Gallo was asked whether ARM64 supports UWP, he stated that Microsoft has nothing to share about the ARM64 support for UWP. It appears that Redmond based company will share the details when they are ready. “We have not announced support for that right now. It’s something we’re looking at and evaluating, but I have nothing to share right now,” he said.

As Windows 10 on ARM is coming later this year, Microsoft should have cleared whether or not ARM64 will have support for Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Recently, Qualcomm confirmed that they the first device with Snapdragon 835 processor is coming soon.

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