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Microsoft has always been questioned about its plan to build a mobile device with Windows 10 operating system. While the executives have already confirmed that Microsoft will make more phones, speaking to Bloomberg, Satya Nadella once again refereed HoloLens as a mobile device.

Microsoft CEO believes that HoloLens is designed to be a mobile device. And the upcoming HoloLens v2 is also a mobile device from Microsoft. The augmented-reality headset, Microsoft HoloLens is technically not a mobile device but it could be referred as a re-invented mobile device.

When asked whether Microsoft would build a mobile device, Nadella without giving a proper response referred to HoloLens as a mobile device. Satya Nadella in the past has hinted  that the company’s next mobile device won’t resemble today’s smartphones.

“Take HoloLens,” said Nadella. “Is it a mobile device? Yeah, it is. It’s untethered, it’s battery powered, you wear it on your eyes. Microsoft will always be in this end-to-end computing experiences business, but our goal is to invent categories and reinvent categories,” Satya Nadella says.

Nadella also confirmed that Microsoft is not going to step out from the hardware business, revealing that we’ll see more devices from the Redmond giant. “We will always invest in new hardware to create new categories,” he said. Do you think HoloLens is a mobile device that the world has been waiting for?

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