Image Courtesy: AAWP

Microsoft is now rolling out Windows 10 Mobile Build 15252 to Windows Insiders on the Fast Ring. Despite Microsoft said they wouldn’t release any new builds this week, the Redmond based company surprised everyone with another build for mobile. Microsoft is however not going to release any new builds for PC this week.

Windows 10 Mobile Build 15252 has only bug fixes and improvements. As Microsoft is preparing for Windows 10 Mobile Fall Creators Update release, they have updated the OS version to 1709.

Microsoft has fixed a bug where several apps would crash when powering off/on the screen. The high demand for CPU caused the several apps and games to crash just after unlocking the screen. As it has been fixed, during the photo shoot session, the Camera app wouldn’t crash anymore.

Microsoft has finally listened to the feedback, the new build also fixes a bug with the Messaging app where conversation text was displayed incorrectly. The new build is rolling out to Windows Insiders on the Fast Ring, Microsoft has also released build 15245 to the Slow Ring Insiders.

  • pege63

    yes has only bug fixes and improvements lucky us, what did we think we would get but NOT improvements and bug fixes?

  • Yance

    Too many typo bro. 16252 for 15252, 14245 for 15245

    • Mayank Parmar

      Ah, fixed. Thanks, man!

      • SAGAR

        hi mayank can you plz do the performance video of devices on creators update and on feature2 ? as it nears to RTM.

  • mallory

    Neither 15252 (Fast Ring) nor 15245 (Slow Ring) is offered to me. Still at 15063.608 on both Lumia 730 and Lumia 830 …