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Microsoft earlier this year at its developer conference confirmed that it will be inviting Insiders at some point in the year to try out the Office Suite 365 desktop apps from the Windows Store.

Today the company is inviting Insiders to try out the Office 365 Apps from the Windows Store. Users will now be able to choose which Office Apps they would like to download on their machines. Earlier users had to download the whole suite of apps which included Access and Publisher apps which are not used by most Windows users.

But now users will be able to choose the apps they would like to use and download those particular apps only. Users who have been selected by the company for the Preview will be able to search the Store to find the apps or use the links which are available in the email from the company.

To install the Office 365 Apps users need to make sure that they delete their current Office 2016 and then download the Office 365 apps. However some of the users who use the OneNote 2016 application currently would need to uninstall the app and have to start using the OneNote UWP app which is available for download. Microsoft is working on a solution for this and should be made available for users sooner than later.