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Microsoft might have given up on the current edition of Windows 10 Mobile but the rumours have made it clear that old phones will still be supported until the end of 2018. Windows 10 Mobile is considerably slower than Windows Phone 8.1 and it has always been criticized for the poor performance.

In a test conducted by Windows Phone enthusiasts, Windows 10 Mobile startup is 20% slower than Windows Phone 8.1. Even on benchmarks test, Windows Phone 8.1 outperformed Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft is, however, releasing new updates to Windows 10 smartphones but overall the operating system is still slow in terms of performance.

Microsoft’s employee shared a good news on Twitter. The senior program manager, Brandon Leblanc has confirmed to a user that Microsoft is working to make Windows 10 Mobile as fast as Windows Phone 8.1.

Brandon also claimed that his Lumia 950 XL has gotten a bit snappier after the recent preview updates. When a Windows Insider asked Microsoft, “Do you think Windows 10 Mobile will get the same level of optimization as Windows Phone 8.1? WP8.1 was super fast.” To which, Brandon replied, “I know people are working on it! On my Lumia 950 XL, it feels over the last few builds its gotten a bit snappier.”

Do you often experience performance related issues on your Windows 10 phone? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Murali Yadav G

    I have many problems with my lumia 950 .
    A) frequently stop browsing even mobile data is on
    B) notification bar is stoped ,than i will do that switch off the phone and on the phone it will be back again

    I don’t know what is the problem ,could u pls tell me the reson

    • Sounds like your phone’s got a loose nut messing things up on it.

      • Leff phield

        Your a genius!! I love it!!

  • Chihab Bouhraoua

    Now I heat Microsoft, my phone now is like Classic Phone without messenger and Facebook and Instagram, my phone is Lumia 635 wp8.1

    • Why don’t you upgrade your current device to any smartphone that supports W10M?

      I even managed to found an unlocked Lumia 950 XL sold at eBay and Amazon for just $200 or so.

  • imaginarynumber

    My 950XL crashes a few times a month. Often when I am asleep.

    Over the last two weeks I have had the pull the battery twice as it has frozen.

    The time on the glance screen sometimes freezes.

    Other than that, it is a great phone.

  • Leff phield

    I like My Lumia 650. I just hate the fact that most app creators don’t support Windows platforms anymore. With that I would be in smartphone heaven. Sometimes I feel left out!! Ha!

  • Learn the difference between End-Of-Life of Windows Mobile (aka the end of the Windows CE pedigree) and Windows 10 Mobile before you write an article. Your article is not only superficial it is factually wrong.

  • pege63

    Leblanc says that now BUT when i first told him years ago he just denied it

  • KA

    I am heavy impressed ;-)