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Microsoft has been always ignoring Windows Phone and the situation hasn’t changed in 2017 either. The company recently moved Windows 10 Mobile from the development branch to the feature2 branch. The shift in the development confirmed that Windows 10 Mobile is dead and Microsoft will move forward with Andromeda OS. Furthermore, the recent rumours confirmed Microsoft’s decision to dump the current Windows Phones.

While on other hand, Microsoft is also working to add new features into Windows 10 Mobile but it would enterprise focused. Although, Microsoft’s employees have been claiming that a good news is ahead for the Windows Phone fans. However, they are still remaining tight-lipped.

A frustrated user asked Microsoft executive about the future of Windows 10 Mobile. As Windows Phone fans were together criticizing Microsoft’s efforts for the mobile platform. Brandon LeBlanc from the Windows Insider team confirmed that Microsoft will explain about the future of Windows 10 Mobile when they are ready.

“We’ll explain things when we’re ready. If Windows 10 Mobile isn’t meeting your needs, we understand the need to switch platforms, says Microsoft’s senior employee. “The problems is that when you are ready – there will be no one left,” another user wrote on Twitter.” Surprisingly, Brandon replied and told the user, “I think we understand the situation quite well.”

  • Let’s just wait and see what Microsoft’s Andromeda OS got for us in store. Who knows, it could be a worthy replacement after all.

    • Mayank Parmar

      It looks really good in theory :D.

    • Iain Simpson

      As with everything else MS does they will be late to the game and others will have similar stuff already in the market.

  • Alif Haikal

    This is a good news i want hear

  • Surface Phone better come soon!