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Yet another statement from a Microsoft employee confirmed that Windows 10 Mobile is not dead. Yesterday, AI replaced Mobile in Microsoft Annual 2017 report. The change in annual report hinted that Microsoft has ‘officially’ given up on Windows 10 Mobile.

Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc later confirmed that they haven’t given up on Windows 10 Mobile ‘completely’. His tweets further give us some hope that Windows Phone will soon get a major update.

“Why can’t “building best-in-class platforms” include mobile? Just because mobile isn’t stated doesn’t mean we’ve completely “given up”, he tweeted.

Furthermore, when a Windows Phone user asked Brandon if Microsoft could announce its future plans for mobile. Brandon said that Microsoft will only discuss the future of Windows 10 on Mobile when they are ready. “I know everyone wants to know right now what our future plans are but we’ll discuss them when we’re ready,” he added.

He also recently confirmed that they will have something good for Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft is also working to bring CShell on Windows 10 Mobile and it will introduce some key features. You can also watch the leaked video of CShell Build running on an HP Elite x3.

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