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Are you getting error 0x8007000B when downloading/updating the apps from the Windows Store on your Windows 10 Mobile? You are not alone. Many Windows Phone users are reporting the new issue.

Last week, Microsoft rolled out Windows 10 Mobile Build 15063.483 to devices with Creators Update. The update had only performance improvements and bug fixes. However, after installing the update, the Windows Phone users are reportedly not able to download or update the apps. The bug has blocked the ability to download or update the app.

Microsoft hasn’t confirmed the bug and there is no official workaround. However, we have discovered a workaround. But it might be painful depending on the number of apps you’ve installed. Here’s how you can fix the bug.

Fix 0x8007000B when installing apps on Windows 10 Mobile

To fix error 0x8007000B on your Windows 10 Mobile Device, you will need to move all your apps from SD Card to phone’s internal storage. Furthermore, you will also need to set primary storage to phone’s internal memory.

Are you able to update the apps on your Windows Phone?

  • Brychan

    Have the same issue on my Surface Pro 3 – Build 15063.483. Apps installed to my SD Card (formatted NTFS) would not update, and new apps would not install to the card. Only known workaround is to move apps and default save location to built-in storage.

  • mkn

    Yep already ran into this a couple of days go apps won’t install or update on the sd card only when installed on internal memory.

  • Dayph

    I made a hard reset. If I had known that…

    • I just did the same. I’d had my SD card fail recently, so I’d just put a new one in, and couldn’t get anything to install/update after that. Went ahead and did a hard reset and was still experiencing the same issue.

      Oh well; live and learn.

  • David Farr

    Hi, Thanks for the tip. I didn’t move my existing Apps, just changed the App download destination. That did the trick.

  • Ben Thomas

    you don’t need to move them all
    i just moved the ones that didn’t update
    retried the update once, installed just moved those apps back. job done

  • luis balsinhas

    move the app to your device, update and them move it again to your SD card. job done

    • Boso

      It worked!! Thanks a lot! :)

  • Savas Lazouras

    thanks for your suggestion, it really worked for me