Windows 10 Fall Creators Update
New windows 10 fall creators update 2017

Yesterday, Microsoft had released a new build accidentally for Windows 10 PCs and Windows 10 Mobiles user enrolled in any windows insider ring. This build had given us various traces of CShell ‘s presence that were found out by windowsblogitalia. It will be done with new CShell which is an ‘adaptive shell’  that scale Windows 10 to any form depending on the screen size of the device. References of  the Shell Composer , ComposableShell , or CShell can be found out in the build 16212 that came out yesterday.

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These components can be divided into 2 parts where the Universal part which can be seen to be present in the form of system libraries. These Universal parts doesn’t have any mention of the device on which they are present which means that these libraries are for the whole of the Microsoft operating system and will be present on every device.

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While the other part of the Cshell is present in the form of an application appxbundle which also shows the details of the device on which it is stored making it a device specific component.

Cshell would be the successor to ShellExperienceHost , which is present in current Windows 10 system. The various components of this shell are the Action Center, the Ink Workspace, the Start menu, pop-ups calendar and clock, etc.  This existing ShellExperienceHost is not present in any other Windows family from the Microsoft Ecosoystem.  CShell will be the major component of Microsoft aspiration of full Windows 10 OS with a UX scaled for Smartphones.

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