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A few years ago, Microsoft and Nokia seemed to be working on an interesting device, that could have been a competitor of Xiaomi’s Mi MIX. Today, images of a new prototype Lumia branded device running on Windows Phone surfaced online. The design is refreshing and it does not seem to be the successor of any existing Lumia phone.

Nokia had planned a Windows Phone device with a bezel-less display almost 3 years ago. Xiaomi has recently launched the Mi MIX smartphone which resembles the canceled Lumia device. The smartphone is named as Nokia id326-3 and it is running on Windows Phone 8.1 Update.

The screen resolution is 720×1280 and it is powered by Snapdragon 200 Processor (SOC Chip version: 8210). Furthermore, it features a removable battery. The Nokia Lumia id326-3 would have been a mid-range phone but with a unique design. As per the report, the canceled Nokia device was actually an Android phone but it was later converted to a Windows Phone.

Stephen Elop had announced Microsoft’s decision of moving Nokia branded Android phones to Windows Phones. Apparently, Satya Nadella canceled many smartphones (including this one) after he announced the layoffs. In 2017, bezel-less phones are popular among OEMs and users, although Microsoft/Nokia thought of this idea in 2014 but the phone didn’t become reality.

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