Image Courtesy: Microsoft.com

With the availability of Windows 10 Creators Update, Microsoft is introducing the new Night Light feature which reduces the amount of blue light being used on the device’s screen. Once users install the Creators Update the Night Light feature can be flipped on and off with a new button introduced in the Action Centre.

The feature allows users to customize the times in which the mode can by switched itself on and off by going to the settings of the feature. The Night Light feature can also be synced with real world sunrise and sunset by specifying exact times.

But many users have been complaining that the Night Light Feature is not working as was confirmed by the Redmond Giant. The Night Light Mode activates and turns off for the times specified for the user but this is as long as the computer stays on. If the Feature is set to turn on via a specified time setting the mode will remain active regardless of the specified end time.

This could be a bug specially for users who generally turn off their PC’s at night and not leave them in the Sleep Mode. Well we are currently not sure if this bug is due to the Creators Update being installed on old devices or it was not noticed by the Insiders during testing of the Update.

The Redmond Giant has begun rolling out the Windows 10 Creators Update and should be available to all users in the coming weeks. Do let us know if any of our users have been plagued with the Night Light Feature Bug in the comments below.