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In a news which doesn’t seem much shocking, Facebook has finally decided to stop supporting its apps on older platforms. This includes Windows Phones as well as iOS and Android.

According to the official Messenger Blog, Facebook and Messenger will stop working on Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 after March. You’ll either have to upgrade your device to Windows 10 or switch platforms. Before the doomsayers start shouting, Facebook is also killing the apps on old versions of iOS and Android.

This comes as a relief among the continuous reports of Apps deserting Windows, as Facebook is not ditching Windows alone. It makes sense for companies to stop supporting older versions of their apps due to cost and other issues. Windows 10 Mobile was released in 2015 and many of the older devices received the update. If you are still holding onto a old device, you are due for an upgrade.

Is there a solution for the Windows Phone 8/8.1 users then? If your device supports the Windows 10 upgrade, do it. You are currently missing out a lot. If your device, sadly is stuck on Windows Phone 8/8.1, you can use Facebook from IE, but that is a horrible option. With no new devices on the market, budget and mid-range Windows Phone users sure have it tough now.


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