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Microsoft is currently working on Windows 10 Creators Update for Windows 10 Mobile Devices. The company is done with adding new features and major changes to Windows 10 Mobile. We’re expecting new features in Windows 10 Mobile with Redstone 3 Update (just like how we expected from Redstone 1 and 2, right?). However, Windows Redstone 3 will reportedly bring split-screen, landscape start screen and other major improvements for Windows 10 Mobile as the update will be mobile focused.

Some die hard fans are thinking about Windows 10 Mobile Design more than Microsoft. A Windows Phone user, Leonel Funes has published a new concept of Windows 10 Mobile. The concept looks unique and better than the current design of the OS.

The concept features a redesigned PIN Screen and a new start screen with different tile sizes and features from Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. The app screen has been shifted to the left side of the start screen from right, it also features shortcuts like folders, settings and power options. Just like on PCs and Tablets, Task Manager now comes with a close all apps button, split-screen and screen sketch feature.

The new concept looks indeed impressive. However, it will remain a dream for all fans. Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

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