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Microsoft today confirmed that it is releasing Outlook Add ins to its Outlook Mobile applications for its App on iOS and will be releasing Outlook Add ins to its App on Android, but the company had not mentioned anything about the Windows 10 App.

Our friends at Neowin were able to receive a confirmation from Microsoft that indeed the Outlook Add ins will be coming to Windows 10 platform. This is what the company had to say:

“Currently, add-ins are available to Outlook users on the web – Windows, Mac (in Insiders). Now, it’s available on mobile for Outlook on iOS, coming soon to Android. It will eventually roll out to Windows mobile, but we don’t have any specifics on timeline to share at this time.”

Currently there is no timeline given by the company for, when the Add ins will be available for Microsoft’s own platform, but we presume it should not take too long for the company to release them to Windows 10.

Microsoft earlier told that the company plans to keep the feature parity between Outlook Apps for Windows, iOS and  Android by adding features for all platforms at the same time. Outlook Mail and Calendar for Windows 10 are UWP apps and if Add-ins are coming to Windows 10 Mobile, then they’re coming to the PC version of the apps as well.