Image Courtesy: Microsoft.com

If you are using Windows Hello to unlock your Windows 10 Mobile phone then the feature is supposed to get some improvements with the Windows 10 Creators Update. For phone which use the Handset’s IRIS Scanner or Fingerprint Sensor the process feels a bit slow with unnecessary superfluous animations

But now it seems that Microsoft based on the Feedback is willing to address this issue in the upcoming builds of Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update. The company is planning to speed up the unlocking process by cutting the “Hello” animation that follows the “Making sure that it’s you” message. The process as reported by our friends at Windows Central seems now to be faster by close to One Second, which is still slow but will be better than before.

Currently we are not sure as to with which Windows 10 Mobile Insider build the company plans to release the new Windows Hello improvements. We are hoping that the company releases the Windows Hello improvements with the new Windows 10 Mobile Insider Build to be released in this week or next week. Also we don’t know if the Windows Hello improvements will be coming to Windows 10 PC’s with Windows 10 Creators Update.