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Microsoft’s Windows 10 Browser Microsoft Edge is now being utilised by 5.33% of all users on their PCs and Tablets. According to latest report by our friends at NetMarketShare, the market share for Microsoft’s Edge Browser has increased slightly from 5.21% in November to 5.33% in December 2016.

There is a slight increase of 190% YoY from 2.79% same month in 2015. On the same ground Internet Explorer’s market share has suffered a YoY decline of 55% from 46.32% i n December 2015 and 21.66% in November 2016. This is a drastic decrease to 20.84% now.

In contrast Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox the alternative browsers that users turn to have got an increase in the market shares , they are now at 56.43% and 12.22% respectively.

Another browser Opera has remained steady at 1.33% and another browser Safari has shown a slight decline of 0.14%. Microsoft’s Edge Browser still holds 25% of the market share of browser’s but still the company is facing stiff competition from Chrome. The company has updated its Edge browser on Windows 10 with new features such as support for extensions to make it on par with other browsers.