Microsoft’s Surface Phone is rumored to be coming with Support Gestures on Fingerprint Reader in the display which is confirmed in a new Microsoft Patent. The Patent filed comes with the gesture with an integrated fingerprint sensor that can perform some actions. Microsoft has filed a patent with three gestures to the Smartphone like TAP, TAP and HOLD, TAP and Swipe.

“In one or more implementations, the computer system includes a biometric sensor, such as a touch fingerprint sensor, that is configured to detect each gesture. When the gesture is recognized, the biometric sensor detects the user’s unique characteristic, such as fingerprint, and then performs a specific function.¬†”

The company is also planning in investing in more touch based innovations to the touch screen. But we are currently not sure as to whether the patents filed by the company will actually come with the Surface Phone which is rumored to be released in late 2017 which is the time when the company is planning to release Redstone 3.

So would need to wait and see if and when the Surface Phone arrives with the Patented  Finger Print Sensor filed by the company.