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We have a couple of apps updated in the Store in the past day and two of them are Deezer and, the popular sharing app gets Wi-Fi Direct password and fixes on transmission with Android devices on the latest update. We also noticed the word “Transmition” was replaced by “Transmission”. There are a bunch of not-so positive reviews in the Store which I personally did not encounter. It works fine on my Windows PC and Mobile devices. Users are advised to follow the instructions or see the tutorial within the app. Note also that mobile hotspot created by a Windows phone would cause the app to not work. If you are going to transfer files between devices via mobile hotspot, it is recommended to use a non-Windows phone device to have a smooth transfer.

App Description:

SHAREit, A fantastic application that can complete transferring files between devices in seconds! Cellular data free! Genuine multi-platform!

PS:When transmission via Wi-Fi, transmission speed will be affected by the equipment and the surrounding.

-Fantastic · Photos, music and video are easy to share with anyone at any time, brings people together. · Transfer files between phone and computer at any time, transferring is no longer limited.

-Cellular data free · Devices could transfer files anytime as long as they are on the same LAN. · Without LAN? Devices could connect to hotspot that are created by one of them, always could transfer files at any time. * Transfer files over hotspots if not using cellular data. * Doesn’t support transfer files over hotspots that are created by Windows Phone.

-Multi-platform · SHAREit is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Windows Phone.

Share the happiness to the people who are around you at any time. Official Website:

On the other hand, Deezer Music Preview for Windows also got an update. It does not introduce any new features but it is genuinely “seems faster”.

App Description:

Endless music to discover, love and take with you everywhere you go. The beta version of Deezer for Windows 10 is here and available to all Deezer users!

Please be our guest and test the new and improved app! With this new app you will be able to:

– Use the same app across all your Windows 10 devices: mobile, tablet or desktop.

– Access your music more easily thanks to the new menu with buttons for Home, My Music, Audio Player, Notifications and Search

– Put all your favorite songs, playlists, artists and albums in one place using My Music

– Discover and enjoy your music with the new design of the app.

You still have access to all the great Deezer features:

– 35 million tracks with all your favorite artists and songs

– Personalized music recommendations from our editors

– Unlimited playlists and mix channels with your favorite artists and genres – Your library builds over time with all your discoveries

– With Premium+ , download your favorite music for offline listening.

Have any questions regarding the beta? Just ask our helpful support team here: [email protected]

The updates are now live in the Store.


Download Deezer Music Preview

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