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Microsoft’s Build 2016 event is nearly over, and the company did not announce any new future plans for Windows 10 Mobile or Windows Phone. Rather, the company officially confirmed that they are not looking to do any new and exciting things with Windows Phone this year. Most of the journalist from popular sites like TechCrunch started to criticize Microsoft and calling Windows Phone as a dead OS. However, we know that Windows 10 Mobile or Windows Phone cannot be omitted by Microsoft because Windows 10 Mobile is a key part of Windows 10 universal app strategy. For example, Xbox is powered by Windows 10, HoloLens is powered by Windows 10, and Windows 10 is nothing without universal apps, got it? No? Have a look at the below quote

If Windows 10 mobile is dead, windows 10, xbox, holoens and even microsoft is dead.

Now, A Russian website, Hi-Tech had an interview with with Aaron Woodman, Senior Director, Windows Marketing, Microsoft. In the interview, Woodman clarifies the situation of Microsoft and he indirectly said “Windows Phone is not dead”.

Woodman stated:

Microsoft still believes in the smartphone market

He continued,

Windows phone is the the most secure mobile operating system

You know, when we first entered the market of smartphones with the new OS, we had big ambitions. But in reality it turned out that the market does not reflect the dynamics of our desires. Let’s be honest, we could have been better

On other hand, Woodman agreed that Android and iOS are doing well. However, Windows Phone is very popular in the Europe. Now, its clear enough that Windows Phone is not dead and Microsoft will hopefully make Windows Phone fans surprised in the next year, 2017.

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