Microsoft Edge 125 improves Workspaces appearance, copy-paste features

Microsoft Edge Workspaces enable you to share a browser session with other members. The feature works fine, and Microsoft recently improved its user interface. According to the official RSS feed, on June 6, Microsoft updated the Edge Workspaces support document without telling anyone about a significant modification to the feature.

Windows Latest previously covered new AI features for the Edge browser, including using AI to improve site suggestions. However, Microsoft Edge will use AI differently in workspaces.

Whenever you search for a website on Bing, you will find an option to create a new Edge AI Workspace on the search results page.

edge workspaces current UI

Unlike the traditional Workspace scenario, in which you open tabs manually, Bing will use AI to open multiple websites related to your search query.

The support page assures those concerned about privacy that Workspaces won’t store your search data.

How to create a Bing-AI Workspace

All you need to do is search for a query on “”. After that, you will see the relevant search results with the option to create an AI Workspace with relevant tabs. For example, searching for a recipe will show an option to create a Workspace dedicated to that search query.

While this sounds incredibly helpful, the feature is still experimental. Microsoft says, “You might see a widget on the Bing search page with an option to create a new Edge Workspace if your topic is on the limited list of queries.”

A limited set of queries refers to simple topics like DIY, real estate, recipes, travel, etc. So, it will only work with a small subset of queries that fall under the scope of this AI experiment. Windows Latest tried to create AI workspaces, but our search terms didn’t trigger the feature in the browser.

Before hastily searching for anything on Bing, you must enable the “Allow Bing AI-generated workspaces” flag in Edge to enable the feature. Restart the browser to apply the changes.

ai workspaces flag in Microsoft edge

Also, remember that it doesn’t work with inappropriate search terms, which means terms with profanity or explicit queries are strictly not allowed.

You cannot generate more tabs after an AI Workspace is active. So, you will have to add tabs and group them manually.

As previously spotted by Leo on X, Microsoft has been working on the integration since last year, but it’s not yet ready.

Since the flag is already included in the browser and the official documentation mentions the feature, we expect it to become available soon.

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