If you want to make the most out of Microsoft Copilot, you can refine the query response with plugins such as Spotify and Adobe. There’s a new plugin called “Phone”, and it’s now rolling out to more people this week. With the Phone plugin, Microsoft is improving Copilot’s Android integration.

The Phone Link app in Windows 11 already allows you to connect your mobile phone to the PC. You can access notifications, check and reply to messages, and even make calls from your desktop.

If you’re on Windows 11, you can access iMessage by linking your iPhone to the PC. The new Phone plugin aims to use that information in Copilot, but it currently doesn’t work with an iPhone.

First, you’ll need to connect your mobile device to the PC and ensure it appears in the Phone Link app. Then, update your Microsoft Edge browser and visit the Copilot webpage (copilot.microsoft.com). Click on the plugins and select the Phone plugin.

phone plugin in copilot web
Phone Plugin in Copilot | Image Courtesy: WindowsLatest.com

The label under the Phone plugin claims that it can look up contact information and read and send messages using your Android phone.

However, the feature may not work correctly.

In our tests, Windows Latest observed that the plugin could only fetch contact information synced to your mobile device. When we tried calling one of the contacts saved on our phone, Copilot explained its inability to handle the request and displayed the contact’s phone number.

phone plugin in copilot web in edge browser
Phone Plugin in Copilot | Image Courtesy: WindowsLatest.com

The same thing happened when we tried accessing text messages on our phones.

So, is this plugin a dud? Well, no. Like most plugins, it is still developing and could accomplish more in the coming months.

Microsoft’s keynote in September 2023 also discussed this ability in detail.

Phone Link and Copilot integration

As shown in the screenshot above, Microsoft Copilot will soon extract exact flight details from text messages stored on your phone. That was a demo, but we cannot dismiss the potential of that feature.

Since the plugin and the video only mention Android, it may upset a small subset of users with a Windows PC and an iPhone.

Phone Link is available for iPhone, but plugin support is missing

Earlier, Microsoft focused only on Android devices. However, it extended support for connecting iPhones using the Phone Link app. If the technology exists, excluding the iPhone from the demo and the plugin makes little sense.

Copilot’s plugins will increase in numbers in the coming months. Over the past few months, Microsoft has proudly announced associations with big brands to develop plugins. Some big names like Adobe and Spotify are already creating plugins for Copilot.

Windows Latest understands that Microsoft might extend the plugin’s support to iPhones in the future. However, before doing that, it must refine the Phone plugin’s current state.

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