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Microsoft’s annual Build conference dates and session details are out. The conference will commence on May 21, 2024, and culminate on May 23. Multiple sessions, most of which will be online, are lined up for these three days.

Among the numerous sessions is the Introducing the “Next Generation of Windows on Arm” breakout. We previously reported on Microsoft’s idea of the future of computing with ARM and the launch of AI PCs this year.

The session’s webpage describes it as an opportunity to “exciting new experiences for Arm-powered Windows this year.” We expect Microsoft to shed light on the highly anticipated AI features in Windows 11 that would run natively. After all, the new wave of AI PCs releasing this summer will have an NPU onboard.

This Neural Processing Unit (NPU) will provide the computing power to handle AI-specific tasks in apps and the operating system. We have spotted hints of an upcoming NPU-based feature in the Paint app.

Apart from this ARM session, there are multiple sessions on AI and its advantages. There are numerous sessions on Copilot, how developers can build apps and plugins for Copilot and more.

You can already use extensions like Adobe, Spotify, etc, in Copilot (web, app, and Windows 11). Microsoft has partnered with multiple brands to integrate them via plugins in Copilot.

creating logo using adobe express plugin in copilot

Don’t forget that Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon X Elite chip will power the upcoming AI PCs in 2024 and beyond.

Qualcomm has multiple processors lined up for this year

The leaked benchmark shows Qualcomm’s chip is blazing fast and can easily outperform M1 and M2 Mac processors. A recent leak revealed that Microsoft is confident that the Snapdragon X Elite PCs can outperform the M3 MacBook Air.

Snapdragon X Elite benchmark
Snapdragon X Elite benchmark | Image Courtesy: Geekbench /

So, it is a perfect candidate to power the new AI features in Windows 11. One of them is the much-hyped AI explorer feature that will help you keep track of every action you perform on your PC. The best part is that you can ask for the information in simple sentences rather than using a specialized format of conversations.

ARM focuses on striking a perfect balance between performance and battery life, so Microsoft is betting its operating system’s future on it. The Redmond giant believes the upcoming AI PCs will capture 50% of the PC market in the next three years.

A series of Snapdragon X Plus processors without the NPU will also target entry and mid-level PCs.

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