Snapdragon X Plus leak with Windows 11 ARM

Qualcomm has big plans for its Snapdragon X lineup. As I reported recently, Qualcomm has been internally testing multiple SKUs for Snapdragon X. Thanks to a new leak, we now know the second chip in the Snapdragon X lineup is called “Plus”. Unlike X Elite, X Plus may ship with lower cores and clock power, specifically designed for affordable ARM PCs.

We don’t know when Snapdragon X Plus chips will begin shipping, but the chipmaker has confirmed it plans to launch X Elite-based Windows 11 on ARM devices with AI features in mid-2024.

As posted by some testers at Baidu forums, Qualcomm is exploring multiple SKUs under the X Elite and X Plus lineup:

Snapdragon X Elite:

  • X1E84100
  • X1E80100
  • X1E78100
  • X1E76100

Snapdragon X Plus:

  • X1P64100
  • X1P62100
  • X1P56100
  • X1P40100
Snapdragon X Plus models
Snapdragon X Plus and Elite models | Image Courtesy:

The above screenshot of the leaked Snapdragon X processors shows different configuration settings, such as the model number, followed by the GPU type it uses.

For example, the Snapdragon “X Elite” and “X Plus” series are mentioned, with model numbers such as “X1E80100”, “X1E78100”, “X1P62100”, etc., and all are using Qualcomm’s Adreno GPUs.

What’s particularly interesting is that the Snapdragon X lineup will support multiple versions of DirectXL.¬†For example, references to qcdx11arm64xum.dll and qcdx12arm64xum.dll suggest they are ARM64 versions of DirectX 11 and DirectX 12, respectively.

As for performance, the Snapdragon X Elite X1E80100 is the flagship chip with 12 cores and 4.3 GHz processing power. However, this is according to the leaked prototype benchmark, so actual performance may vary.

Snapdragon X Plus could use fewer cores or lower clock speed

Windows Latest understands that Snapdragon X Plus won’t be as powerful as its X Elite counterpart, and it could ship on the lower-end segment devices. It will either have fewer cores or lower processing power than X Elite to stand out as an affordable option.

As for the Snapdragon X Elite, we spotted as many as five benchmarks. The best one got 2574 for single-core tasks and 12562 for multi-core tasks. The second chip scored slightly lower at 2565 for single-core and 11778 for multi-core.

Snapdragon X Elite benchmark
Snapdragon X Elite benchmark | Image Courtesy: Geekbench /

The third one dropped more, getting 2517 on single-core and 11010 on multi-core, which might mean it was not configured well or tested using an older version of Windows 11. The fourth chip was close to the others in single-core with 2548 but got 11253 for multi-core.

Lastly, the fifth chip had the lowest single-core score of 2434, but its multi-core was 11351, which could mean it was throttled.

The specifications of all X Elite and X Plus SKUs aren’t known, but we’ll learn more about the next-gen Windows 11 on ARM chips in mid-2024.

Qualcomm is also working with Samsung to launch the Galaxy Book4 Edge with an X Elite chip, AI features and Windows 11 24H2.

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