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Microsoft wants AI everywhere and has already added AI features to its products, including Windows and Office. In August 2023, Windows Latest spotted job listings for “Gaming AI” on Microsoft’s career portal, confirming the tech giant’s plans for “AI features on Xbox”. There’s a new job listing that seeks to add more senior leadership to the team.

Spotted by Windows Latest, a recent job listing seeks to add a senior director to the Gaming AI team, which is dedicated to pioneering AI-driven experiences within Xbox games and game engines.

For some context, Microsoft has an “Xbox Emerging Technologies” initiative, which has been trying to start a new phase in gaming. It plans to put gamers and game creators at the heart of its work. The main aim is to change what Xbox is all about by making gaming more enjoyable and helping gamers everywhere feel part of a community.

Xbox Gaming AI
Xbox Gaming AI | Image Courtesy: Microsoft

As part of the same initiative, Microsoft has created an “Xbox Gaming AI” group and is now looking for a Senior Director of Applied Sciences with extensive experience.

According to the job listing, this person will lead efforts in AI and machine learning to improve Xbox games and the gaming experience. The senior director for applied sciences will manage a team working on new and advanced learning models specifically for gaming.

This role involves working with different gaming studios and services to create new gaming experiences using AI and machine learning, all to bring about the future of gaming experiences and platforms.

“The Xbox Gaming AI team is seeking an experienced Senior Director, Applied Sciences to advance AI and machine learning innovations for Xbox games and platform experiences,” Microsoft noted in its job listing spotted by Windows Latest.

“This role will manage a team of applied & data scientists developing new deep learning and foundation models to support gaming needs,” the job listing reads.

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