Samsung’s GalaxyBook4 laptops will pack better Copilot integration

Microsoft plans to announce a new lineup of Surface Laptop 6 and Surface Pro 10 with rich AI features, such as AI Explorer (not associated with File Explore). However, AI Explorer is not the only new feature, as Samsung has updated its Galaxy Book4 product page to confirm deeper Android and Copilot integration.

The page reveals a ‘message automation’ feature for sending messages from your PC. This feature will work in tandem with your Galaxy smartphone. You can use Copilot with apps to extract a chunk of text or links from your phone. Then, you can draft a compelling email with Copilot or search for specific information in an app on Copilot.

Samsung mentions linking your Galaxy phone with the Galaxy Book 4 to use all these features. However, Samsung hasn’t posted a list of phones that will support this Copilot feature. The page hints that you will get access to these features in Spring 2024, which begins on 19 March.

These features will likely also appear on other Android phones.

copilot on samsung galaxybook4
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The Samsung Galaxy Book4 series will also have the dedicated Copilot key that Microsoft announced earlier. This key will help you launch Copilot on a whim rather than opening it via the default shortcut (Win + C) or clicking the Taskbar icon.

The GalaxyBook4 series has Intel Core Ultra series processors with an NPU onboard. Many upcoming Windows 11 features, such as the Super Automatic Resolution, Paint app, AI Explorer, and more, will use the NPU chip to perform AI tasks natively.

Additionally, Samsung is working on the Galaxy Book4 Edge with a Snapdragon X Elite processor, which comes with a built-in NPU chip.

So, it is clear that the new AI-powered features won’t be like your current-gen laptops, in which the Copilot works at a software level. Instead, the new AI-PCs will leverage the NPU to handle all the AI tasks separately required by Windows and other apps. However, Galaxy Book4 also uses AI in several features apart from Copilot.

AI Camera Effects, Photo Editing features, and more

The webcam on the Galaxy Book4 laptops will use AI to improve focus and reduce blurriness during video calls. While the webcam still has 1080p resolution, these AI effects will try to produce crisp video quality during calls.

You can remove the background and reflections in the Gallery app with a single click. With the Photo Remaster AI capabilities, touching up your images isn’t a burden. There’s also a mention of using your mobile as a webcam wirelessly.

This feature will use the Phone Link app and its counterpart (Link to Windows on Samsung). After completing the setup, you can control the front and rear cameras in webcam mode.

Phone Link for Windows 11

Galaxy Book4 is available for purchase in multiple hardware configurations, but only the Ultra, Pro, and Pro 360 models pack the AI magic.

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