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Microsoft loves AI and will probably add it to every other app you use on Windows 11. One of the features of Windows “Studio Effects” may soon get new AI-powered effects that will transform your videos into watercolours, cartoons, and even illustrations. Thanks to the magic of AI, you’ll see your videos transform into these effects in real time.

For those unaware, the Windows Studio Effects feature debuted in 2022, and it works best on new hardware with an NPU (neural processing unit). Studio Effects have been designed for hybrid working, so if you use Microsoft Teams or other apps to communicate, you might as well turn on Studio Effects to look and sound your best.

As the name suggests, Studio Effects are similar to filters, and they exist to make you sound or look your best during video calls. Currently, Studio Effects is limited, and you can only use it to automatically adjust your camera frame to keep you in focus. Or you can blur the background.

The other two existing features are Eye contact and Voice focus. Both make sure you’re focused during the video calls and can be heard clearly. However, Microsoft wants to take the feature to the next level with at least three new AI-powered effects.

Microsoft is testing three effects – watercolours, cartoons, and illustrations – for Windows 11’s Studio Effects.

These features may debut outside the Windows 11 24H2 update and can be teased during the March 21 event alongside AI Explorer (not to be confused with File Explorer) and other features.

So, how do these effects work? While the details aren’t clear, one of the effects, “Video looks like a watercolor painting,” will make your videos look like they were painted with water and colors.

So, if you’re filming your dog playing in the yard, this filter will make it look like a watercolour painting, making it look very artistic.

Similarly, animated cartoon effect could turn your video into a cartoon by simplifying everything into bold colors and lines with exaggerated movements and vibrant colors, making it super fun.

The third effect, “Illustrated Drawing,” will make your video appear like it’s been drawn with pencils or markers.

Studio Effects system tray
Studio Effects coming to system tray | Image Courtesy: PhantomOfEarth

Additionally, Microsoft is bringing the Studio Effects toggle to the system tray in an upcoming cumulative update for Windows 11.

What are the other potential AI features coming to Windows 11?

Since we are talking about interesting filters, it’s also a good time to recall that Microsoft is working on integrating the NPU-powred Live Canvas feature into Paint.

This could be another neat feature where your Paint artwork will be improved using AI in real time.

Similarly, Microsoft is testing an advanced version of Copilot with automation controls, including the ability to move files or folders using AI.

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