Microsoft Copilot, which powers Bing Chat and Windows Copilot, is adding a new feature that lets you turn on personalization. When personalization is turned on, you’re allowing¬† Copilot AI to use insights from recent conversations to give personalized responses. The second new feature is a “Search on Bing”, which redirects you to the search results.

In our tests, we observed that Bing Chat can now remember conversations and learn from your past chats to give better, more tailored answers. This is rolling out as part of the personalization feature.

For example, imagine you often ask Bin Chat about cooking recipes. With personalization, Copilot AI remembers this and becomes better at suggesting recipes or cooking tips in future conversations. The personalization feature in Copilot or Bing Chat aims to make your experience with the AI more familiar.

Personalization in Bing Chat
Bing Chat personalized chats feature | Image Courtesy:

The AI remembers previous conversations and uses them as context in future discussions if they are related. If you’re learning French and you initiate a new topic asking about learning apps, Bing might suggest apps for learning French.

Bing Chat personalized for you
Bing Chat personalized chats feature | Image Courtesy:

Bing Chat’s personalization feature is turned off by default, but you can enable it by heading to its settings (

Bing Chat settings

As you can see in the above screenshot, Microsoft has also created a dedicated Chat setting in Bing, allowing you to turn on or off two features – Chat history and personalization.

Search on the Bing button comes to Bing Chat.

In addition to personalized conversations, another new feature, “Search on Bing”, appears when you hover over the messages in a conversation.

Search on Bing button
Search on Bing button | Image Courtesy:

When you select the button, a new Bing search tab opens with the specified query. Our tests showed that the feature resembles Google Bard’s “Google It”.¬†This new button allows you to explore more topics within Bing Search when Copilot cannot offer help with your queries.

Microsoft is experimenting with numerous changes. Last month, we spotted a new feature that allows Microsoft Bing to read the pages aloud. This feature is also rolling out to select users, and it may appear or disappear automatically.

Similarly, Microsoft also added a “screenshot” button to Edge and Windows Copilot. This lets you capture the screen and upload it to the Copilot. Once the screenshot is uploaded and recognized by AI, you can ask anything about it, and Bing will be able to offer help.

These features are A/B tested with select users, and it’s unclear when they’ll widely become available.

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