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The latest optional Windows 11 update – KB5025305 – is causing many issues for some users, including those with the Kaspersky antivirus solution installed.

Windows 11 KB5025305 was released in the last week of April 2023 with some nifty improvements, including new animations for the Widgets taskbar button. You’ll notice these new animations when a new announcement appears on the Widgets taskbar button. Or when you hover over or click the Widgets taskbar button.

Another significant change is a new toggle control that lets you get new features and updates before others. This switch turns on “Configuration updates” for Windows 11, prioritising your device to get the latest non-security fixes and improvements, such as a search bar in Task Manager.

While the optional Windows 11 April 2023 update sounds like a pretty good release initially, it has been causing various issues. In a post on the Feedback Hub, one user mentioned that after the first reboot, the update percentage progresses from 0 to 22% but restarts from zero instead of continuing from 23%.

The update completes successfully after going through 0-30% and then 31-100%.

Another user reported that the update consistently stops at 25%. When they restart their computer, the update remains at 25% and does not progress further.

One user experienced game freezes after installing the update. They noticed the issue when playing Metro, as the game worked fine the night before the update. The problem occurred after installing the KB5025305 update.

There may be some future limitations when running on this version of Microsoft windows 11
There may be some future limitations when running on this version of Microsoft Windows 11

Some users also reported that Kaspersky antivirus displayed a message warning of potential future limitations when running on the updated version of Windows 11. As shown in the above screenshot, the warning says, “There may be some future limitations when running on this version of Microsoft Windows 11”.

A Kaspersky engineer confirmed that the issue is related to the latest Windows 11 update, and the company is investigating the matter. The warning should only appear once.

Another user claimed that the update may have caused a problem with the firewall, suggesting that Kaspersky needs to release an urgent update to correct the conflict. The issue is believed to have affected thousands of computers worldwide.

Known issues in Windows 11 KB5025305

Microsoft is not aware of these issues in the update. The support document is outdated and does not mention any such problems. The document still highlights one of the old known issues related to copying large files on Windows 11, version 22H2.

The issue causes copying multiple gigabytes (GB) of files to take longer than expected. Still, it does not affect devices used by consumers in their homes or small offices.

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