Windows 11 ChatGPT update
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ChatGPT has dramatically impacted the tech industry since it debuted in late 2022 and started rolling out to more users in early 2023. AI is a big deal for Microsoft. The tech giant has integrated OpenAI’s ChatGPT into, Windows 11’s taskbar, and plans to bring it to Office apps via Microsoft 365 Copilot.

Microsoft now plans to integrate ChatGPT into Windows 10 and 11 via PowerToys, the company’s open-source tool. As you probably know, Microsoft PowerToys, which debuted over three years ago, has become powerful after recent updates with features like Registry Preview.

PowerToys is an open-source project. This means independent developers can also collaborate with Microsoft on new features for Windows 11 or 10. PowerToys is like a tool drawer for your house (Windows), and it’s getting a new tool called “ChatGPT”, which, as the name suggests, brings the AI to the desktop.

PowerToys ChatGPT for Windows 11
ChatGPT is running on a Windows desktop via PowerToys.

Independent developer Simone Franco, who previously developed WSATools APK sideload app for Windows 11, is working with Microsoft on ChatGPT integration for Windows.

The developer stated that the updated PowerToys tool will allow users to access the ChatGPT model through an existing feature called “PowerToys Run.” This feature will enable users to interact with the language model in various ways, including asking questions and receiving responses in natural language.

The integration seems primarily aimed at asking the AI questions directly from the desktop.

We don’t know when this functionality will roll out, but Microsoft is still working on the feature with Simone, an independent contributor. It could take a couple of weeks before ChatGPT is ready for action on Windows.

This move comes weeks after Microsoft announced the new taskbar search bar for Windows 11, powered by Bing AI, an advanced and updated version of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Users heavily criticized the taskbar integration as it added a shortcut to launch Bing AI in Microsoft Edge via the taskbar.

Unlike taskbar integration, which is just a shortcut to Bing AI, Microsoft’s upcoming ChatGPT tool will be directly integrated into PowerToys, with the ability to generate specific messages, create content, and interact with the user on the page, much like ChatGPT’s conversation page.

Deeper AI integration in Windows

Windows Latest understands that Microsoft has big plans for AI in Windows, and we could see more AI features in the fall when the tech giant makes more progress on its next-gen Windows update “Windows 12”.

As reported earlier, Windows 12 could ship with new AI features and deeper integration with OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

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