Windows 10’s flagship browser Microsoft Edge has finally been graced with in-line dictionary functionality, which was previously available on Microsoft Edge legacy. In addition, Microsoft also appears to be working on a mini context menu and improved password monitor tool.

Microsoft is currently testing these new features in the Canary version of Chromium-based spin of Edge. The first new feature is mini menu, which offers a clutter-free experience by surfacing important options like copy, Bing sidebar search and dictionary. You can enable this handy piece of functionality in the Settings menu.

Thanks to mini menu integration, Microsoft Edge has also received dictionary functions, which means you can now select and highlight a word and get a definition from Bing-powered sources. This feature is not exclusive to web pages and users can also open a PDF file within Edge, and view floating text descriptions for selected words.

Microsoft Edge mini menu

Once enabled, you don’t have to copy a word and paste it in another tab and then search on Google/Bing for definition. As you can see in the below screenshot, you can view definitions within the web pages or PDF.

Microsoft Edge dictionary

As mentioned at the outset, this functionality was first added to the legacy version of Edge in 2019 and it was removed when Micorosft switched to Chromium-based Edge.

Microsoft has stripped numerous features and functions legacy as it started to rebuild the browser from scratch. However, Microsoft is now slowly adding Edge legacy’s features back, and the company is also working on a new password monitor.

Microsoft Edge password monitor to get even better

In 2020, Microsoft Edge was updated with a feature that informs users when passwords have been compromised. Password Monitor in Edge is able to grab passwords from the Microsoft account and it can also inform users when one of their passwords was involved in a third-party data breach.

Microsoft is now introducing a new feature that will reveal your weak and reused passwords across accounts. This feature is currently rolling out in preview versions and Microsoft believes that it will allow users to stay informed about online security standards.

Like other password protection features, Edge’s Password Monitor will allow you to change the password for the password if it is weak.

In addition, Microsoft is also considering Windows Search and audio settings integration for Chromium Edge, but both features are currently unavailable in the preview channel.

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