Windows 10 KB4580386

October’s optional preview update is now rolling out to Windows 10 version 1909/1903 and it also includes fixes that will be delivered to version 2004 and 20H2 later this month. As usual, direct download links for Windows 10 KB4580386 offline installers are also live.

Microsoft has already published October Patch Tuesday updates for all supported versions and the company is now rolling out optional patches.

Windows 10 KB4580386 is an optional patch that you can install in Windows 10 version 1903/1909. If you’re on version 2004 or 20H2, you will receive a different update with the same set of bug fixes in the next two weeks.

Windows 10 KB4580386 advances version 1909 to Windows 10 Build 18363.1171 and version 1903 to Windows 10 Build 18362.1171. This patch includes the majority of non-security updates that will be included in the update for Windows 10 version 2004, so you should check out the changelog.

Download Links for Windows 10 KB4580386

Windows 10 KB4580386 Direct Download Links: 64-bit and 32-bit (x86).

Windows 10 KB4580386 (Build 18363.1171) Full Changelog

Microsoft has been testing a new feature that allows you to make video calls directly from the taskbar and the feature is called “Meet Now”. With Windows 10 Build 18363.1171, Microsoft says it’s bringing the Meet Now feature to older versions of the OS, including version 1909 and version 1903.

Users on Windows 10 version 2004 and 20H2 will also receive the brand-new Meet Now feature later this month as part of the upcoming optional preview release.

Microsoft says ‘Meet Now’ integrates video conferencing functionality directly into the OS and it allows users to create meeting space that can be accessed by participants using a unique link.

Windows Meet Now

This feature does not require a Skype account and you can join meetings anonymously as well. Once you’re in the meeting, you can invite others or start a conversation with attendees using chat, text or voice.

Windows 10 KB4580386 also fixes an issue that prevented users from playing games that they obtained using Xbox Game Pass user. Another bug has been fixed where USB printer port stops working after a system reboot.

Microsoft resolved an issue that breaks Windows Update and Microsoft Store when your computer is connected to virtual private networks. The changelog of this preview release is massive, but it’s mainly focused on highlighting fixes for businesses and enterprises.

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