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Microsoft is no longer releasing security updates for Windows 7 and the company encourages everyone to upgrade to Windows 10, but users are not in a hurry to dump their favourite OS.

Windows 10 upgrade efforts aren’t as aggressive as they were back in the days when Microsoft launched Windows 10. In January, Microsoft said it has installed a Windows 7 update on some PCs to help users make the switch to the new OS.

Windows upgrade notification is supposed to take care of the update process and it also helps in kicking off the installation of Windows 10.

Despite Windows 7 has reached the end of support and Microsoft is reminding users with full-screen notifications, Windows 7 continues to be the second most-used desktop operating system from Microsoft. It’s been two months since Windows 7 support ended and things have barely changed.

We have entered March, but a solid core of Windows 7 aren’t willing to upgrade to Windows 10 despite the security and privacy risks. February data provided by NetMarketShare revealed that Windows 7 fell to just 25.20 percent of the desktop market, while Windows 10 is on 57.39 percent of PCs.

Windows 7 market share

This is a living proof that core Windows 7 audience is not willing to upgrade to Windows 10 anytime soon and market share may not change significantly in the coming months. In the enterprise world, many are already paying for custom support and more businesses could buy Windows 7 extended support to delay Windows 10 upgrade trouble.

Without a doubt, Windows 7 will continue to decline, but the market share figures suggest that migration to Windows 10 is slower than anticipated.

According to users and our own testing, Microsoft is still providing free upgrades to Windows 10 if you enter a valid Windows 7 Pro, Home or Ultimate product key.

If your PC is relatively new and you have compared your hardware performance with today’s standards, it is worth upgrading to Windows 10.

To get Windows 10 for free, download and use Microsoft’s media creation tool on your Windows 7 device and simply do the upgrade.

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