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Google Chrome is one of the most resources hungry apps on Windows and it eats more RAM if you install extensions or keep too many tabs opened. Google needs to work on resource management for Google Chrome and a new feature is being internally tested in Canary builds to make performance slightly better.

Google Chrome comes with the Tab Discarding feature to monitor tabs usage and suspend the tabs not being used. This feature improves system performance and controls RAM usage to some extent, but Google wants to refine the Tab Discarding with a new feature called Tab Freeze.

With Tab Freeze, Google wants Chrome users to configure how tab freezing works, allowing you to decide when to suspend a tab automatically.

“Enables freezing eligible tabs when they have been backgrounded for 5 minute,” Google explained how Tab Freeze works.

At the moment, Chrome Canary allows you to use Tab Freeze with the following combination:

  • Enable
  • Enable – no unfreeze
  • Enable freeze – unfreeze 10 seconds every 15 minutes
  • Disabled

When this feature is enabled, Chrome will automatically freeze the tabs that have been inactive. You can test the feature in Chrome Canary builds with unexpected bugs.

Tab Freeze could be released to the stable version of Chrome browser later this year.

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