Lumia 950
Image Courtesy: PocketNow

Microsoft has announced that support for Windows Phones will be dropped after December 2019, but some of its users still continue to play with the devices. Independent developers have tried running Windows 10 ARM on Lumia 950 XL and the results were rather interesting.

Windows 10 on ARM for Microsoft’s flagship mobile handset has its own sets of problems due to lack of drivers and unoptimized user interface. Windows 10 on ARM for Lumia 950 XL is too small for everyday use, but a developer leading the project has figured out a solution that would address the concerns of users willing to try the project.

Twitter user ADeltaX revealed that they’re working on a MobileShell for Windows 10 ARM to make the project usable on a small-screen device such as Lumia 950 XL. By the looks of things, MobileShell aims to align the elements properly, so users can operate the desktop OS smoothly on a mobile device.

WOA on Lumia 950 XL

“I’ve been working since a while on a custom shell (called MobileShell) for WoA64. There still some work to be done, but it’s enough to post some screenshots,” the developer wrote on Twitter.

Windows 10 ARM Mobile Shell

It’s worth noting that the project is still being developed and various glitches will be addressed.

  • drearyworlds

    I’ve seen a Software Developer professionaly for 15 years and I have a Masters degree in Cybersecurity, but how people accomplish these feats is simply mindblowing.

  • HS19940

    I’m glad people out there in the tech space are keeping windows mobile alive for as long as they can, great work.

  • Lolloso

    what about when the last Lumia 950XL in the world, brokes ?

  • Shailesh Kadam

    Dream….. Hope they make launcher for Android which is more near to this shell and works fine, rather than developing it for near dead Lumias.
    From a die hard windows phone fan.

    • The Net Avenger

      Except… There are Shell/Launcher concepts, like Pinning things from inside Apps, shortcuts, urls, files, folders.

      These concepts, and framework APIs don’t exist on Android or iOS – so there is no way to bring this functionality to those OSes. These APIs do exist on Windows 10 still, and this alone is a good reason a custom Phone-like shell, running on regular Windows 10 will always have core advantages.

      On Windows Phone, you can Create a Tile Group, drop in file shorts to documents, pictures, projects, contacts involved with the project, and even the bookmark of a book you listen to on Audible when working on the project. This is BASIC organization, and it is a concept that never made it to iOS or Android, and in about 5 years once again a new generation of users will have to be taught how to get the most of their devices and content.

      The problem with everyone see WM10 or WP as ‘something like ANdroid/iOS’ is that they miss all the things it is and was that those OSes cannot provide. Like the example above, even iOS and Android add in concepts like in App content linking to external sources, it would take years to get Apps to fully/properly implement it.

      This ‘they are all the same’ thinking is why WM10 is dead now, and all WP/WM users that notice the things they can no longer do, would like it back, or at least CShell for a phone running on Windows 10.

      So ya, dream… or live in ignorance. I choose Dream.

  • pappawtom

    I am one of those who still use the Windows mobile phone and I hate to see it abandoned like it has been. If the Lite had been created earlier it would have most likely saved the phone business is my opinion. I will use my phone until it dies as I do not like Android because of it’s operational requirements.
    I do not like to have to do more things to use it compared to my Windows phone. I can access my contacts faster on Windows versus the Android layout. It is less confusing to me. I will have to learn to a new OS in order to use Android and I do not want to have to do that at this stage in my life. All my important contacts are right on my home screen with their pictures meaning that just one touch brings up all their information I need to contact them the way I need to do.
    I know the launcher can get pretty much the same things on Android but I simply do not want to deal with their version of doing things. I don’t want to go back to a feature phone either but that very well may be what I have to do. I have been hoping for the new way of having a computer that is always connected with the ability to call from it as well being developed. I don’t make too many phone calls as I am hard of hearing but I do like to connect with friends through messaging and other such programs. Smartphones are nice to use but very limited when doing other such things that I like on a computer. I am old school and still use my desktop a lot so something between a large smartphone and a small computer would work well for me especially if it could be folded up.

  • Lung W

    Keep it up, I never went to give up my wp