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Microsoft has hit the final nail in the coffin as far as the discontinuation of Microsoft Band activity tracker is concerned. The Redmond Giant recently updated its FAQ page with details of the date of discontinuation of Microsoft Band activity tracker and Health Dashboard site.

Microsoft has announced that May 31 is when the Health Dashboard service will be discontinued completely. All the Microsoft Band apps on Microsoft Store, Android and iOS will be deleted from the respective stores on the same day.

Before the announced date, Microsoft is allowing its users to export the Health data. The company has also confirmed that existing Band owners will be able to use the device normally beyond the cut off date.

However, the company warns users to not reset the Microsoft Band after May 31 since it will be technically impossible for them to be able to pair the tracker with any mobile device without its companion apps. It also advised its customers to reset the Band only if they have finished using the Band.

“Resetting the device after the service been discontinued will make it impossible to set up the device again. Only perform this step once you have finished using the Band,” Microsoft explains.

Currently, the Microsoft Band will function normally and with full functionality but after the deadline of May 31, Microsoft says that some functionality like the phone app or its connectivity with the cloud will no longer work.

Microsoft is also offering refunds to the customers if they have synced data from the Health Dashboard between December 1, 2018, and March 1, 2019.  The company is currently offering refunds of $79.99 for first-generation Band and $175 for the second generation model.

However, it is worth noting that Microsoft Band owners can still use the wearables. The Band wearables can track record, track daily health information, record activity data, track sleep and set alarms, but they won’t be able to sync the data to Microsoft solution.

  • If Microsoft has taught me anything, besides their Windows platform, never invest in anything else in terms of products with them. It seems like every other week I am seeing “things” being shut down, discontinued or canceled by Microsoft. To name just a few:

    Groove Music App
    Wireless Products
    Microsoft Controllers
    Holo Lens
    Microsoft Works
    Xbox Live For Original Xbox
    Windows Phone (2017)
    Windows Tablets

    • M Rankin

      Actually a lot of the stuff you mentioned hasn’t been cancelled Or shut down
      HoloLens 2 Was just announce at mobile world Congress 2019.
      Only Groove Music pass was cancelled.
      Windows tablets still made/ available. Surface go etc.
      Kinect has actually been given new life (at mobile world Congress 2019). Also you can still get an adapter and use it on an Xbox One X.
      Microsoft Works 22 years run. office 2010/2019 Editions or 365 now.

  • M Rankin

    Ha Well definitely not an egomaniac just did not
    agree with your Paint brush approach.