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Microsoft’s Xbox Live service appears to be broken for some users again. The outage of Xbox Live apparently makes it impossible for some users to access their digitally downloaded games. According to Microsoft’s status page, some users cannot buy items, redeem codes, or download purchases.

Xbox Support Twitter handle has also confirmed the incident, explaining that it is aware of the problem which is being experienced on some consoles.

“Good morning everyone. We see your reports regarding downloading errors on Xbox One. The good news is our engineers have already been working to investigate and resolve these errors,” the company confirmed the outage in a tweet. However, the software giant hasn’t revealed exactly when users can expect Xbox Live to be back up.

Xbox Live down on January 31, 2019

Although the outages could be frustrating, it’s worth pointing out issues like this happens occasionally and it isn’t a widespread problem. During the outage, certain features of the Xbox Live may not work as expected. In most of the cases, you won’t be able to access the digitally owned content or redeem codes.

Xbox Live outage

“Our engineering teams are still working to investigate this issue that is causing intermittent downloading errors on Xbox One consoles. We appreciate everyone’s patience while this is looked into, and we will continue to update you all as we learn more,” Microsoft explains.

By the looks of things, not everyone is experiencing the service outage. It means that some users can still access their digitally downloadable contents with no issue, whereas others are may see different error codes when they attempt to access the Xbox Live service.

As noted above, Microsoft’s Xbox engineers are working on a solution which will be deployed soon and it is likely that the company will be able to address the current issues with service before too long.

We’ll update this article whenever the service is restored or if there is a new update from Microsoft.

Xbox Live is growing strong

In Microsoft’s FY19 Q2 revenue report, the company noted that Xbox Live is growing strong. The report revealed that the gaming division is going strong and the revenue grew by eight percent to $4.23 billion.

Xbox Live active users increased to 64 million this last quarter which shows strong growth of eight percent. The active users represent gamers using Windows 10’s Xbox integration, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Microsoft’s Xbox Live is growing at a good pace and the company’s gaming division is also profitable.

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