DTS for Windows 10

Steven Wilssens, Principal Program Manager Lead at Microsoft for Audio revealed that  DTS:X audio app is coming to Windows 10 soon and improvements for Dolby Atmos are also planned.

Both Windows 10 PC and Xbox One users will soon be able to have their audio system enhanced by DTS:X app. Steven Wilssens, one of Microsoft’s lead audio team, confirmed that DTS is coming to PC and Xbox devices in the coming weeks.

DTS:X is an object-based surround sound system, designed to offer a natural and multi-dimensional sound experience.

Microsoft’s tweet suggests that the DTS will be made available to the PCs users enrolled in the Insider program first and then the company will move it to the Xbox branch. After beta testing the update with Insiders, the feature will be released to everyone with Windows 10 PCs or Xbox gaming console.

DTS:X Ultra app was recently published in the Microsoft Store, but users cannot download it at the moment. DTS:X Ultra app is actually designed to work with games, VR and AR programs, but DTS:X Ultra is apparently not functional at the moment as the primary base behind it is missing.

According to a Microsoft’s support document, Windows 10 October 2018 Update (version 1809) comes with API support for New Spatial Sound Format which includes DTS Headphone X DTS X Ultra and others.

Dolby Atmos improvements also planned

In another tweet, Steven noted that Dolby Atmos is also getting several improvements soon. It’s important to note that Dolby Atmos is already available on both PCs and Xbox One which means that the app will be updated with enhancements in the coming weeks.

According to Microsoft’s audio team, major improvements are coming to Dolby Atmos on PC and Xbox One.

The ability to enable enhancements on PCs and Xbox One, laptop speakers (PC) and customization on PCs and Xbox One are planned. On the Xbox One console, it appears that Dolby Atmos up-mixing for the legacy channel based content with home receivers support is also coming soon.

The Dolby Access app update will roll out to PC Insiders first and then the company plans to release it to Insiders on Xbox. After addressing the potential bugs and issues, it will be rolled out to the wider PC and Xbox community.

As a reminder, Microsoft hasn’t revealed exactly when the changes will be rolled out to PC and Xbox users, but it is likely that once issues have been ironed out, they will release it to a wider PC and Xbox community.

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