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A Microsoft patent application for a new type of device was discovered today and it focuses on a device with reduced display borders. The patent application aims to address the challenges involved around manufacturing display device with reduced borders.

First spotted by us, the patent titled ‘Minimizing border of a display device’ was filed by Microsoft way back in August 2016 and published by the U.S. Patent Office on December 4, 2018.

In the detailed description section of the patent application, Microsoft explains that the implementation of the technology may provide an overall reduced size for the devices without reducing the display area. “Disclosed herein are electronic devices and systems with a minimized border and methods of manufacturing such devices and systems,” the company notes.

“Such an electronic device having a display unit or screen with a minimized border may include a television, computer monitor, laptop or mobile computer, tablet computer, handheld computing device, communication device such as a mobile phone or smartphone, or any other electronic device having a display screen,” Microsoft explains.

Reduced border patent
Image Courtesy: USPTO

The company has developed a solution to deal with challenges that could be experienced when manufacturing devices with minimized border. The abstract section of the patent application has explained the method.

“Display devices with a minimized border and methods of manufacturing display devices are described herein. In one example, a display unit is provided, the display unit having a display active area disposed between an encapsulation layer and a substrate such that the encapsulation layer encloses the display active area between a surface of the encapsulation layer and a surface of the substrate. A section of the display unit is cut at one edge of the display unit such that a portion of the encapsulation layer and a portion of the substrate are removed from the display unit while no display active area is removed. The cut section of the display unit is then sealed,” Microsoft explains.

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