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The enterprises are using two-factor authentication to keep their accounts and network secure. Recently, Microsoft also announced that the company wants to reduce the usage of the passwords and offer a more secure way to login to their services.

The company today announced in a blog post that it’ll now support password-less logins on Windows 10. With this announcement, it’s quite clear that Microsoft is doing away with passwords altogether.

In Windows 10 19H1 preview builds, Microsoft is adding support for setting up and signing in to Windows 10 with a Microsoft account linked to the phone number. You don’t need to put a password to sign in to Windows 10 (Home or Pro edition).

To get started, you would need to setup a Microsoft account with your phone number. After linking your phone to Microsoft account, Windows 10 will allow you to use an SMS code to sign in. You can also other security features such as Windows Hello Face, Fingerprint, or a PIN to sign in to Windows 10.

Password-less phone Microsoft account

Microsoft says that you can download apps such as Office mobile on your mobile handset and sign up with your phone number under “Sign in or sign up for free”.

After linking the phone number, you are now required to add your password-less phone number account to Windows 10. To do this, go to Settings > Account > Family & other Users and simply tap on “Add someone else to this PC” option.

Windows 10 will now use the password-less account to help you sign in to your device.

The new password-less experience will debut with Windows 10 19H1 update in April 2019 and the company will share more details soon.

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