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Two new Microsoft patents published by USPTO and WIPO yesterday detailed some improvements that the software giant could be preparing to use in its Windows Mixed Reality system.

Holographic buttons in a Mixed Reality Device

First spotted by us, a patent titled ‘MIXED REALITY WORLD INTEGRATION OF HOLOGRAPHIC BUTTONS IN A MIXED REALITY DEVICE’ was filed by Microsoft in May 2017 and published by WIPO on January 3, 2018.

In the patent application, improved system and method for mixed reality world have been explained. It says that the users will experience a world that incorporates a holographic button (e.g., a 3D object). The holographic button could be also downloaded from the website. There is also an explanation of a method that would allow users to order the item with the holographic button in the mixed reality world.

Mixed reality headset patent
Image Courtesy: WIPO

Microsoft has explained the patented method below:

“Disclosed is system and method for mixed reality world that incorporates a holographic button (e.g., a 3D object) that can be downloaded from the website of a provider of a good, data content, or a service (item). The holographic button enables a user in the mixed reality world to order the item by interacting with the holographic button. The user in the mixed reality world can place the holographic button relative to a relevant real-world object. Whenever the user interacts with the real-world object through their mixed reality world (i.e., virtual interaction with the real-world object), the holographic button can appear with that real-word object, allowing the user to order the item associated with the holographic button,” the abstract reads.


Another patent titled ‘ANNOTATION USING A MULTI-DEVICE MIXED INTERACTIVITY SYSTEM’ was applied by Microsoft in June 2017 and published by USPTO on January 3, 2018.

This patent, on the other hand, details a multi-device mixed interactivity system that includes paired mixed-input devices to allow you to control and interact with virtual objects.

“In operation, a selection profile associated with a virtual object is accessed. The selection profile is generated based on a selection input determined using real input associated with a selection device and virtual input associated with a mixed-reality device. The selection device has a first display and the mixed-reality device has a second display that both display the virtual object,” Microsoft explains.

Mixed reality patent annotation
Image Courtesy: USPTO

“An annotation input for the virtual object based on a selected portion corresponding to the selection profile is received. An annotation profile based on the annotation input is generated. The annotation profile includes annotation profile attributes for annotating a portion of the virtual object. An annotation of the selected portion of the virtual reality object is caused to be displayed,” the abstract further reads.

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