Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft is still providing required updates to the Windows 10 Mobile OS platform but the company is no longer developing new features for the OS.

The development of Windows 10 Mobile was stopped in 2017 but the OS is getting quality improvements and security patches every month on second Tuesday. A new cumulative update for Windows 10 Mobile is now rolling out.

This new update is called KB4478936. It includes quality improvements and no new OS features have been addressed. Windows 10 Mobile Build number has been increased to 15254.544 after this update.

The main improvements of this update are:

  • Microsoft is providing security patches to various parts of the OS Microsoft Scripting Engine, Windows App Platform, Windows Frameworks, Microsoft Graphics Content, Windows Graphics, Microsoft Edge, Windows Kernel, Windows Storage and Filesystem, Windows Authentication and Windows Wireless Networking.

The new December 2018 cumulative update for Windows 10 Mobile should be downloaded automatically or users can manually start the update process by opening the Settings page.

It’s worth noting that the mainstream support of Windows 10 Mobile OS will end in December of 2019.¬†Microsoft will keep providing the essential quality updates and security patches to the platform until December 10, 2019.

In related news, the users with Windows Phone 8.1 handset are experiencing issues while downloading apps and games from the Windows Store. The Windows Phone 8.1 handsets are no longer receiving cumulative updates and the company recently announced that it will stop accepting updates for the Windows Phone 8.1 apps next year.

  • Jorge Roman

    C shell lumia ilegal o full Windows 10 arm

  • Bruno Barrera

    i got a 950xl from like 3 years ago and i still feel it’s a very solid phone, wish it got the support it deserved which i think was way more than it got. The main problem i ever got with it was a battery problem, not sure if it was hardware related but i think it was just a battery defect, got another one and it’s been performing in top shape since like 1.5 months ago. Hopefully they will at least leave a solid platform for more years to come so that i might keep using it for a few more years minimum.

    • I replaced my battery, also. Wonderful that we can easily replace our battery, unlike most of the others. Waiting for something to have a much better in megapixels camera. I can still outshoot of the phones, if I use care.

    • SebastianNadvorny

      Where did you buy NEW battery? I will need one too ASAP :/

      • Bruno Barrera

        from ebay, just try to find one that says OEM or something like that, those are supposed to be original batteries, i think it was about 15 dollars

  • Rim

    Microsoft should provide free compatible version of Android OS for all windows 10 phones as windows 10 is almost dead. This is required to maintain company image and goodwill

    • Why don’t you buy an Android phone in the first place?

    • NinjaByte

      Why should MS bother when no one is using? No one cares about death of W10M. People and media are appreciating them because they brought their apps and services to Android/iOS.
      They are waiting for you there on Android.

  • Already received it during my driving.

    • SebastianNadvorny

      Could you please have a look at store app and say if it’s layout got fixed?

  • HoppITUp

    Still getting Windows Mobile security updates after all these years, something lagdroid can never say.

  • PepperdotNet

    15254.544 (1709/feature 2/insider) was also released but most of my devices are failing because of date/time problems. Date and time are correct of course.