Office and Fluent Design

Fluent Design is Microsoft’s major visual overhaul announced back in 2017 and new design changes are being rolled out to Windows 10 with every update. The most recent Windows 10 October 2018 Update update brought Fluent Design improvements to the devices.

Fluent Design is supposed to refine not only the way Windows 10 looks, but also improve the overall user experience. Fluent Design is expected to address the design inconsistencies in the operating system.

It appears that Microsoft is also working on several other improvements. The XAML Controls Gallary revealed that Microsoft is working on new Motion controls, animation changes and more.

Animation Interop

As you can see in the screenshot below, the buttons within the UWP apps would animate when the user hovers over the button.

Fluent Design GIF

Here’s another GIF showing of the ExpressionAnimation on an Ellipse element. You will notice that the ellipse also animates when the user over the square thumbnail.

Fluent Design animation

The upcoming Windows 10 Spring 2019 update is expected to include several design improvements for the platform. Windows 10 19H1 update would arrive in the Spring of 2019 and it will introduce the highly-anticipated Sets interface which will also have Fluent Design.

  • MarDark

    And still no October update and we are talking about the spring update

    • Divi


  • Shiv Bharadwaj

    How about the Hot-fix for the documents vanquishing October 2018 update ? Nothing is delivered to customers devices so far after a so called support stint during second week of October ’18.I don’t think there is any hurry to come out with Spring ’19 update right now with out an effective remedial measure for the Ict. 2018 update dena ke.

  • satyan

    With MSFT, “major update” is usually “meh” or “bothersome”

    • YeahRrright

      In the next next major release they will add the ability to assign a pivot point to the scalable objects, so that the animation could be happening from the center of the object and not look retarded. It will take a year, two tops.

      • Mapplesoft

        It is already possible to do that. UserControls have an attribute called RenderTransformOrigin, which defines where a Transform is applied.

        • YeahRrright

          Slow clap on not getting the sarcasm…

          • Mapplesoft

            In addition to the slow clap, I would also like a cookie and/or a trophy please.